Tapped and Trackmania

My first post over at Tap-Repeatedly just dropped where I ruminate on the Trackmania series. I will be writing over there about non-MMOs that I play, and I will hopefully be reviewing some of the indie games I also play. Fear not, valiant reader, my gaming heart is still in MMOs and Kill Ten Rats. Tap-Repeatedly is just a high quality outlet so I don’t bore Bhagpuss to tears with my Team Fortress 2 tales.


3 thoughts on “Tapped and Trackmania”

  1. Hey! I actually quite like the look of Team Fortress 2 but Mrs Bhagpuss had such an extreme negative reaction when I played her the trailer for it I daren’t even mention it any more.

  2. Hey mate, will you have a twitter update I can follow when you post there? I’m mostly interested in reading your stuff.

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