Melmoth ponders the fading of prominent MMO bloggers, while most of us merely huddle in the dark and wonder if there is life after the closing of The Pink Pigtail Inn.

If the people who are enthusiastic enough about a genre to take the time to write about it, for no tangible remuneration, are slowing down and slowly drifting away, then perhaps these are the ripples at the edge of the pool which reflect a deeper disturbance at its centre.

He later encourages us to engage in jelly-related projects while we wait to see if the next round of MMO includes the savior. Perhaps this is like the end of the Golden Age of Rant Sites, back when Lum and Tweety were angry malcontents rather than industry figures.

And now I feel old.

: Zubon

8 thoughts on “Malaise”

  1. Sometimes I feel old when I realize there are 14-year old kids playing my games. Then I realize that when I was 14 you were my age feeling old that I was playing your games. That makes me feel less old.

  2. Damn straight. The world (of MMOs) hasn’t been the same since Lum the Mad and Tweety stopped being ranters.

  3. It’s summer. People have better things to do.

    If it’s still as quiet in November then maybe there’s a problem.

  4. There definitely is a life beyond the closure of the inn. I’m still trying to figure out what it will look like.
    I’m still a writing and thinking geek at heart, even if I’m currently out on the virtual rodads, exploring and pondering over where my next home will be.

    I’m seriously touched that there still are people who care and remember. I thought I worte in sand, and that the footprints would be washed out within a couple of days. But some of it apperently lingered a little longer.

    And a thought of comfort: I’m not sure of where the MMOs are heading right now but I can’t imagine that they’ll be replaced by mindless Angry Birds clicking and such. They’ll survive and revive in some form. What new artforms will be born here, in the crossing of movies, the written word, storytelling, graphics and human interaction? I don’t know but it’s kind of exciting to fantasize about it.

    Many hugs and a cup of a strong, warm drink from your ex innkeeper

    1. Ah, Larisa commented! She’s alive! :)

      I’d say you posted in something a bit more durable than sand.

  5. Personally I slowed way down when I had kids, which also coincided with running my own interactive studio where I was able to build games for clients. It sucks. It still sucks, but it’s reality. Now I have to choose between taking my “spare” time to maintain a blog (non-MMO or anything related) as my creative outlet or gaming as a stress reliever. I would like to find balance, but I can’t…yet. I’m sure others are in that same predicament. It’s not just about getting older, but more so about gaining a lot more responsibility and losing precious time.

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