A Word of Thanks

My last post has actually opened my eyes a lot. I had a conversation with a friend about my post, and while my original point about ‘seeing no change is tiring’ stands, I feel like I see something differently now. I see that I am in a minority, but more importantly that the majority are not idiots or catering to the lowest common denominator. Getting change and trying to overcome the cost to change in any arena is fucking hard work.

After the discussion my respect for all real minorities working for real-world change has risen a hundredfold. Questions of “how can they not see” or “how can they not want change” that comes across in real life issues every single day must be damn near insufferable. Here I am the minority of a stupid MMO mechanic’s club.

It’s a tough dichotomy to not only want change but also to assume that people content with what I want changed are not idiots. I’ve always believed that I have been mindful in life of my actions and their effects around me. Yet, I feel like my world view has been a tad solipsistic. And, I especially apologize for my McDonald’s and K-Mart comment.

Our hit counts tell me that I do better to share love, so that’s how I will keep on trucking. Thanks for reading our fine blog. Excuse the mess.


11 thoughts on “A Word of Thanks”

  1. RL aspect aside, most SW:TOR conversations confuse expecting a good MMO with expecting a good game, and that was pretty rampant in the comments of that post.

    SW will most likely be a good game, with a fun, fully voiced story, and marginal (being nice) gameplay. It’s also most likely going to be a horrible MMO (due to said gameplay being bla). A game can be both.

    But prior to SW:TOR, would anyone have suggested that you can build an MMO, let alone a 300m+ one, with marginal gameplay but a great solo-story and profit?

    1. True, but from my conversation I learned that … my distaste, shall we say, had been growing to many other areas of consumerism. Sometimes it’s hard to keep focus. ;)

      1. You were taking your MMO rage into McDonalds and calling the guy behind the counter a fucking noob serving faceroll easy food? And then going to Kmart and calling their stuff welfare epics with copy/paste story design?

        Yea I have that problem too… :walks away slowly:

  2. Anyone who has been paying attention knows pretty much exactly what to expect of SWTOR at this point. People who are looking forwards to it think that sounds fun. And Bioware do usually come up trumps with good writing, characterisation, theme, and story.

    I think it’ll all end up back with MUDs in the end ;/

  3. hehe,

    ravious, i always say: assume all other people are idiots, so they can only surprise you in a good way :P

  4. Bioware’s ticket to success, if they can decently copy Warcraft, is in grabbing people that want to spend their 15 bucks on something with voice and more detail in the character models.

  5. Don’t take the peer pressure of comments on your blog do be an accurate cross-section of the gaming population. It’s an MMO blog, of course you’ll have people defending trinity-style games.

  6. I fail to remember this all too often but, not everyone has played MMOs for well over a decade.

    To folks who only recently started playing (and by recently I mean just in the last 2 or 3 years) then games like RIFT and SWTOR must look amazing. They haven’t had those same mechanics and systems re-skinned as many times, or simply haven’t logged the thousands of hours with them that I have, so of course they aren’t tired of them yet. I have to try harder to not begrudge them the same experience I enjoyed playing those types of games for so many years.

    Having said that, I’m still going to pounce on GW2 like it was a life preserver with no land in sight.

  7. Your K-Mart/McDonald’s comment needs no apology.

    On the other hand, Vanilla is the most popular flavor of icecream because it IS the best flavor.

    1. 100% Agree! Although I do particularly enjoy the franken-ice cream of Ben’n’Jerry’s Half-Baked (brownie batter+cookie dough).

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