ELO Hell

Still in it. Consecutive Dominion games were 4-on-5 and then the matchmaker set me up with 3 people who were on their first game of Dominion. Other games I’ve won by more than 400. As far as I can, it’s completely random who gets the epicly horrible team.

I’ve had the useful advice of “get better.” Okay, I’m consistently #1 on points for my team. I’m not sure how to overcome the whole “team” problem in team PvP, except for always bringing a pre-made team, and we’ve discussed that one at length already.

: Zubon

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  1. Ok, first I acknowledge that there really is no good answer to this, but I’m gonna throw one out anyway that “might” help…

    Using a sports analogy (which are often apt for competitive PvP in video games): Would the effort and play of a hall of fame player change even if they were on a losing team for a season? I’m thinking specifically of two names; Walter Payton and Jerry Rice.

    Payton never gave less than 100% even though the Bears teams he played on for years were subpar at best. Obviously at some point that turned around and his team won a superbowl, but I don’t think it affected his level of play one bit whether the Bears were winning or losing. The man simply loved the game.

    Jerry Rice saw the mountain top with the 49ers and enjoyed having not one, but two hall of fame QBs throwing him passes for many years, and yet, late in his career when he was playing on some Oakland teams that were no where near the same calibur of the teams he had been on, you could tell just by looking at him, he still loved the game, and still gave 100% in every play.

    Then of course there’s names like Randy Moss… a great talent, no question about it, and some pretty spectacular stats too, but only plays hard when he “feels like it” and is more concerned about his personal stats than how well the team is doing as a whole.

    Good players get drafted onto poor teams all the time… the really great ones see it as a challenge and an opportunity, and try to perform in a way that raises the gameplay of those around them.

    Also, WTH man *shrug* there’s always next season…

    Maybe it’s not the match-making system that’s your real difficulty here. It could be you just need to approach the whole endevour with a different attitude.

    (I fully accept it if you think this is just some “rah rah BS” but, there could also be something to it, and you might enjoy the game more with just a slight change in how you’re looking at it.)

    1. You miss the point; whether you play well or not doesn’t matter much in this circumstance – If your team is being totally torn apart by the other side, your own single skill level will have little effect on the final outcome of the game.

      The metaphor also falls apart because those cited teams are at least moderately pre-organised – you’re not being thrown together with a pickup group.

      Also, a football field or baseball pitch are inherently a single arena, whereas if one of your lanes is being demolished in LoL, it can take >30sec before you can rescue it. that’s usually too late to save your newbie teammate.

  2. Ah, LoL, the game I loved and hated at the same time.

    The problem with the comparison to NFL athletes is that those athletes have a set team game after game for at least one season.

    I couldn’t think of any other team based competitive event where you routinely group with 4 random strangers and attempt to beat 5 other strangers.

    Imagine if the NFL worked this way. If players were pooled and then randomly paired up each week to form “teams” that would play against each other based on the individual ratings of the players involved.
    I think we’d see the same horribly imbalanced scores as we do in LoL games.

    Hope your teammates know where your strengths and weaknesses are so they know how to adjust on the fly.
    Hope the QB/coaches communicate their play choices the same way so everybody knows what’s going on.

    Oh yeah, don’t forget about the players who refuse to show up to the game and the ones who walk off the field after the first 10 min of the game.

    Still think the NFL would be successful?

    1. All valid points.

      My point; the attitude with which you approach an endeavour directly affects whether or not you enjoy it and perform well at it… still applies.

      1. While I do agree that your attitude has a lot to do with it… sometimes ELO Hell makes even the best of attitudes worthless. I had a game last night where we had one leaver right from the start. The rest of the team decided not to even leave the spawn area because, “what’s the point of just getting killed?” Well, ok… so I tried having a winning attitude. As the other team just waited outside our starting area, I began rushing out and having them chase me all over the map. I hoped that my team would take the opportunity to leave the spawn point and do something. Nope. They stayed there and yelled at me for dying. I mean really? Needless to say we lost by more than 400 and I quit for the rest of the night.

        1. Laughing out loud.

          It’s one thing to decide you’d rather play Silent Protest than Tag. It’s another thing to get mad at someone for daring to have more fun than you think he or she should.

          “Hey, you! Quit having fun! You’re losing the game we already conceded!”

          “Yeah, doesn’t he realize it’s unethical to have fun when the game isn’t perfectly balanced?”

  3. You need to mention that you are not lvl30 yet. I’m not 100% sure, but I don’t believe pre-30 has ELO. You are basically just getting matched with whoever is near your level range.

    Still have not caught you online to show you how the 1% lives.

    1. The 1%? I’ve seen your ranked KDA statistics! Muahaha (mine are actually worse, but I have a smaller sample set atm). :P

      But yeah, I don’t think <30 has ELO either. Eventually, you'll be matched with players at or remotely around your level of skill, but it doesn't always work that way.

      Last night I was playing a ranked game where I was unranked and my friend was 1500 ELO. We got into a game and their mid fed our mid 10 kills by 15 minutes. No matter what your ELO you will get morons like him. PS. He was 1425 ELO.

      Also, don't forget that people use normal games and Dominion games especially to experiment with new champions. That means you might get a decent ELO Anivia derping it up on Eve just for fun. Sadly, some people do this in ranked as well. And for that, they should burn.

      1. The moment you realize KDA ratios don’t matter is the moment you get out of the slums and anywhere close to my ELO :)

        But yea, I treat most Normal games as practice, meaning I don’t play my normal champs. I get enough of them in Ranked. That said, being decent with anyone on Dominion is not exactly rocket science, and knowing general concepts and counters to champs applies whether you are playing your ‘main’ or a champ for the first time.

      2. Teasing about the KDA ratios of course :P

        I’ve gone 2/7/12 and felt like I contributed as much as the guy getting all the kills because I set up one or two key plays that won us the game such as ninja-capping baron, split-pushing, or initiating an advantageous team fight late in the game.

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