Dance Fight

While I have no interest in playing Sequence, I like the combination of notions: an RPG using DDR as its combat mechanic. What mechanic you use to represent conflict in your game is essentially arbitrary. We already have several Puzzle Quest-like games where fights are won by something like Bejeweled. It’s all a mini-game anyway, so if you like rhythm games, here is one where you use it to vanquish your foes.

Where is the anime-style game using karaoke mechanics to let you defeat your opponents through the power of song? Giant robots and singing have been merged so successfully on the screen, why not on the PlayStation?

: Zubon

7 thoughts on “Dance Fight”

    1. But karaoke! We need singing to defeat our foes, not just rhythm games! Macross has shown us the way! Exclamation point!

  1. I’m not going to play it either but I will be watching the trailers. The voiceover guy is actually amusing, which is pretty much a first!

    What is DDR anyway?

  2. Hmm, but the soundtrack is by Ronald Jenkees…

    I wonder if these are original compositions for the game, or just cover tracks?

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