[GW] Blood From a Stone

The scroll had an inscription, “Measure for Measure,” making it highly salvageable. I extracted 7 Planks of Wood from the paper. That is some highly salvageable paper.

: Zubon

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  1. Hey there,

    Ive always wondered about those… i generally keep the inscriptions and inscribe RUBY hammers/weapons with them to increase my chances of salvaging Rubies…. why they made HIGHLY SALVAGEABLE a inscription that you can remove i do not know. Before in guild wars there was only 2 parts you can add/remove to a weapon, like a Fiery longsword of Fortitude, you could remove the Fiery and the fortitude to apply to other weapons :) i love the new system though.

  2. Another anomaly of the rune system is that, due to market forces, “superior” (and major) attribute runes are mostly value less: +2 in an attribute is almost never worth taking a -75 point hit to health. I wonder why they never changed this, perhaps by lowering the penalties a bit, as it makes the reward system based on yellow and purple stuff largely irrelevant – better to get your weapons from collectors.

    About the only yellow that has value is a superior rune of vigor, which is +health on an armor piece. That’s about the only gear reward there is really, in GW :).

  3. Would be nice to have such paper in real life too. Would change environment protection a lot:)

  4. First, lol. Second, the really good use is to salvage the inscription and use it on a granite hammer ir some other relatively hard-to-get resource. Yes, there is a very small chance of a ruby from a ruby maul or jeweled daggers etc but there is a 100% chance of granite which has a very solid resale value.

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