[GW] Henchling Variety

It was pretty exciting to realize that you are not limited to human henchmen. You can pick up a Tengu or even a couple of rot wallows. I don’t know why I’d take them over my heroes, but they seem like a decorative touch for players in hero-less campaigns.

It was disappointing to see that Argo does not get Argo’s cry as a henchman. Nothing quite like a AE spell that does 240 DPS for 9 seconds in a game where most things have 500 hp or less.

: Zubon

Less or fewer? I want to say “fewer,” because hp are countable, but I think of it as a pool, like a pool of water, and you use “less” on collective quantities like that.

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  1. Well i don’t know how long you’ve been playing, but there was once a 3 hero limit, and you had to take henchmen, .. they weren’t bad … but let’s just say heroes work out nicely. :)

      1. It’s “fewer”. Using an abbreviation doesn’t render the underlying countabilty null and void.

        I can’t stand that Tengu henchman. His flapping and cawing drives me nuts. I really like that little fellow with the sarcastic attitude, though. What race is that again?

  2. Back in there bad old days before hero’s became so freely available hench-people were all you got. I remember in prophecies in particular the henchies available were woefully under-levelled for much of the campaign. It made soloing a real challenge.

  3. “I don’t know why I’d take them over my heroes, but they seem like a decorative touch for players in hero-less campaigns.”

    You haven’t been playing for very long, I thought. Unless you’ve bought the skill unlock packs with real $$$, I’d be surprised if you had enough skills (and the right ones, especially Elites), not to mention weapons and armor mods, to set up a full team of 8 effective Heroes and have them be better than a mixed team of 3 Heroes (which you’d’ve been able to concentrate on supplying better) and 4 Henchmen.

    Maybe I underestimate your free time and susceptability to grinding, though… *shrug* :)

  4. Having done most of Prophecies and Factions with henchmen, I miss having them along sometimes. I’m really surprised ArenaNet hasn’t done a Henchmen Summoning Stone yet, which I always thought would be fun to use. Having a random henchmen instead of a monster would be a nice change.

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