[Eve] No Risk, No ISK

It is well established by now that I am as new to New Eden as you can be.   Eight days in, and I have a nice hangar of ships, and around 100,000,000 ISK in the bank.   Who then, in their right mind, would spend 75,000,000 of that hard-earned loot on a Noctis hull plus fittings?  Well, I would of course.

No risk, no ISK!

To understand how bizarre this might seem, you need to know what a Noctis is…   Think, overhyped Garbage Truck…

I know, right?  75% of my total net worth on a garbage truck…   CRAZY!

As it turns out, my Corpmates have been complaining on voice coms, how boring running the salvage site clean-up is, and it basically boils down to whoever says “NOT ME” last gets stuck doing it.   Well, I am dying to get into the Corp fleets and experience content, earn those big dollar payouts I have been hearing about and help out where I can.   Since I am about 18 days away from that in my Hurricane skill plan, I jumped at the chance to be the clean-up guy.

The problem is, “our” Wormhole’s entrance was through low-sec and the Noctis is a sitting duck if you get jumped in open Space.   There is a better-than-average chance that my newly minted, 75,000,000 ship will go POP before I engage the first tractor beam…

No risk, no ISK.

We fleet up, and make the four jumps to the low-sec border system, and our scout jumps through to have a look at what is waiting for us…  of course there is a gate camp.   A gate camp is when Pirates sit just on the inside of a Jump Gate, and wait for prey to jump through into their trap.  They then pop you and loot your corpse.   Skilled pilots in agile ships can just rush the blockade and warp away, but a Noctis has a roughly 99.999999999% chance of failure immediately followed by salty tears.

I am no Han Solo, and I wasn’t flying the Falcon, so we just scanned the Star Map and found the other gate into low-sec that takes us to our destination system and off we went.   Nine jumps out of our way, but 100% safer and before long I was flying into the C3 you see above.

A few hours of mindless Salvaging, cleaning up after the Fleet, and mashing D-Scan so often I nearly broke my keyboard, we called it a night and trekked back the way we had come through low-sec.

61,000,000 ISK richer…  each.

Can you say ‘Free Noctis’?

No risk, no ISK.


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  1. The more I read your posts about Eve, the more I want to reactivate my own account. :)
    Still reluctant though. I’ve always played it alone and was a mission runner, it gets boring quickly..

    1. Well if you want to try a new angle in New Eden, you are welcome to apply to our Corp. It is all mature adults, no drama or nonsense that I have seen thus far, and you would get to experience Fleet PvP (we aren’t pirates or ganker/griefers), Exploration, Fleet PvE, Corp Mining Ops and more.

      Send me an email, and I will get you the info you need to investigate further, if that is the route you want to try.

      PS: I haven’t run a PvE mission in 5 days :-)

    2. IMO, to enjoy EVE, you NEED to find a good corp. Once you do so, the gameplay opens up a lot more than “need six guys to run this dungeon”.

      Yesterday morning, I got up really early to join with 95 corp-mates to run 15 jumps to null-sec for an arranged fight with a fleet of about 80 ships. Numbers might be a bit off, but there were 196 guys in the system and most of them were in our fight on one side or the other.

      Then in the evening, myself and one friend ran some level four missions. At one point, a ninja salvager joined us, so I put out a call to the rest of my corp and three or four hungry PvP pilots turned up and reduced his ship to space-dust. Three dispersed, and one stayed to run a couple more missions with us.

      EVE is flexible like that.

    1. I’d rather say it’s mind numbing, than mindless. :)
      Unless my English’s wrong, mindless implies easy. I recall level 4 missions where I had to stay on my toes, watch what’s aggroed and who I may attack (not to mention keep an eye out for random people coming to ‘visit’).

      One example I recall is worlds collide, there’s one room with 4-5 groups of all sized ships, among which one has scramblers (ships that prevent you from escaping).
      As soon as you enter, the group with scramblers aggroes on you, and while you can shoot the rest of the group, scramblers can’t take any damage, or the whole room attacks at once.

      But yeah, playing with other people, even if you get the garbage duty, is probably much more fun.

      @Cyndre (to avoid making two messages)
      Thanks, if I decide to reactivate, I’ll be sure to contact you

  2. I love these stories. Keep ’em coming! I wish I had time to play EVE. It just does not seem to be a game that could fit my 1/2 hour spurts of time.

  3. well this post makes me sad
    i played EVE for 2 months i loved it but didnt have the time to play it in-depth (architect studies kills time!) so i was playing alone and with the help from 2 random guys who gave me 11 millions (i didnt acted i am a girl, just the EVE community is HUGE, is AWESOME and for sure full of people who will to help you) the only succeeded was to double these money ..!
    i also would like to mention that it took me almost 1 month to finish all the tutorial missions (of course i had a big break and i had to change starting area cause at the first starting area the agents didnt talked to me cause i have ignored them for a lot of time ..!)

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