[GW2] GameStop Pre-Sellurchasing CE Today!

For better or worse, the only Guild Wars 2 Collector’s Edition retailer in the U.S., GameStop, has the Collector’s Edition in their system, and they are ready to start selling it now. I went to my local GameStop to pre-order the pre-purchase, which will be available April 10, 2012. Here’s why:

1) ArenaNet’s Martin Kerstein said that the Collector’s Edition will be very, very limited.

2) Multiple Tweets have claimed that the Collector’s Edition has already sold out at various retailed in Europe. (Sweden is one I remember, allegedly.)

3) I have 5 Guild Wars keys for the 3 campaigns on my 1 Guild Wars account because of mishaps with GameStop’s handling of the Collector’s Editions of the original Guild Wars. I do not want that again.

So to be safe, I put $30 down on the Guild Wars 2 Collector’s Edition at GameStop, and I will be returning April 10, 2012 to convert that to a pre-purchase. What GameStop and other retailers are doing is not supported by NCSoft. It is not a “legal” pre-purchase that gives all the goodies from ArenaNet (including a three-day headstart). It is saving a slot with the retailer to pre-purchase. This is out of NCSoft’s hands. I would much rather have just had it go live April 10, and I’m sure ArenaNet would agree… but retailers are going to do what they want or automatically happens in their system.

If you want a Collector’s Edition for Guild Wars 2. I would go to the local GameStop post-haste, and put money down for the Collector’s Edition. Then make sure to return on April 10. Don’t assume they are going to do jack with beta keys or anything just because you pre-sellurchased the Collector’s Edition a week early.

Good luck and godspeed.


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  1. Err I’m unsure if they will do that up here in Canada. I would die if I was unable to get the CE. I’ll have to pop over to my local store or call them and see what’s up. Wish me luck.

    And on a side note, 5 years to have Gamestop screw my order up would probably make me go insane. And possibly assault some of the employees. Be warned…

    1. EBGames is already pre-sellurchasing the CE as well. And though I’ve put money down on it, I’m returning to the store on the 10th in the morning to get my stuff. Otherwise, I’ll ask for a refund and get a digital deluxe.

      1. I’ll have to do that as well. I just really hope they don’t mess anything up. This is the one thing I just need them to get right. For once!

        1. Maybe, but EBGames Canada has had the CE in their system longer than Gamestop US has.

  2. I have to say, I’m glad I have no interest in Collectors’ Editions (of anything). It sure seems like a monumental hassle, compared to digital purchasing.

  3. Considering I’ll be buying 4 units (family-pack please?), I’m going the cheap route. No CE.

  4. That disgusting. Shame on NCSoft for not giving their customers a better option than dealing with GameStop’s horse shit.

  5. On the other hand, if all fans are going to the website on the 10th, the company has a possibility of contingency issues wth the operation. By regulating the ordering they lead the majority to pre purchase without a failing website.

    So they are doing a good job.

    And btw, i don’t understand the limitness…going gold is months ahead. So every pre purchase without limits will give a workorder for Arenanet to the manufacturer of the CE :)

    The more people ordering the more the profit per box will be due to quantities. The more the selling the more we can expect future updates of the game :)

    1. Part of the value of the CE is the limited edition art (prints and a statue). Making more copies makes the long term value of the art less, making it hard to justify the $70 difference.

  6. I ordered a few days ago. luckily our local EU retailer is quick on the ball and takes care of everything (he better lol).

  7. I’m waiting until the have a prepurchase box to hand over to me. I’ve been messed around by the local EBGames never having preorder boxes to give despite repeated assurances they were coming, and like the old saying goes, once bitten…

    If that means they’re sold out, so be it. I’m not really convinced that the physical stuff is worth over a hundred dollars AU, so if that means someone else who wants it more gets it, more power to’em.

  8. Got a copy reserved, still not sure about the price differential. Seventy bucks extra is a lot. My friends are split on that with about half in the “everything in game is in the digital deluxe” camp and half in the CE just because of the other stuff camp.

  9. I thought about going for the CE, but I’ve decided to go with Carson and slap my money down on the Digital Deluxe version on April 10th. Part of that’s driven by the uncertain videogames retail climate over here in the UK.

    I also need more shelf space and a bigger house to display all my things :)

  10. I wish I could make our customers pay up-front for the right to pay up-front, and they were gullible enough to not think that’s a scam.

    Seriously: Get a grip on your spending habits, this is plain unhealthy in the long run.

    Just buy the bog-standard edition* when it comes out, or a few days or weeks after to avoid the rush and the early technical issues.

    *Also known as the edition that contains the exact same game.

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