11 thoughts on “Great Moments on the Forums”

  1. I suspect I could offer someone else’s opinion, then. There’s no shortage of those.

  2. I’ve just come to accept that we live in a time when people want their games to be played by other people for them. Boss fight videos, etc.

    This made my day, though. Very nice. :)

  3. Leave it to LoTRO players to fail to answer a simple question and go all opinion on everything, damn hippies.

  4. You have to appreciate his pursuit of the facts. This is clearly not a subjective topic. There is a provably correct answer out there. Joe Friday would be proud.

  5. It is a too serious a question to bother with excessive letters such as the E on the end of please. Need to save charachters for a few extra !!!

  6. I want the facts, and nothing but the facts. Show me the spreadsheets that say I will be the best.

    1. I’ve played games where those spreadsheets existed. You had to re-do them between patches to find the new flavor of the month.

      At the Elements online card game, there are data-gathering exercises every quarter or so to determine which decks have the fastest cash gain and the best win ratios against the highest level PvE opponents.

  7. Can anyone lend me a few gold?
    Can someone please lend a new player some gold?
    It is just a few gold come on!
    God you’re a noob!

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