Zombie Apocalypse!

The thing about Eve and wormhole space, is that it has large bursts of activity as plans unfold, and long periods of inaction while plans are developed and hatched.

Luckily for the pilots of Surly You’re Joking, Zombies have invaded the DayZ mod of Arma 2, and we have been spending our downtime butchering them and anyone else we can find.

DayZ is positively epic in scope, and the experience is one of the most realistic and tense of any gameplay I have ever experienced.   Just getting your first weapon is a feat of skill and luck, and surviving for any length of time is damn near impossible.   It took me two days of playing to get my bearings and survive past the first building, and armed with a Crossbow I started to make my way to my [HAHA] mates only to die halfway to the rendezvous point by a player sniper in the treeline…   I then spammed the spawn until I got a favorable location to meet up with them and we proceeded from there to our base camp.

I am now just about to reach my first Day 1 alive.   The sence of accomplishment and relief as you survive each minute is palpable and as you gain possessions the fear of loss grows to epic proportions.  I look forward to playing more and more with every successful building raid, every covert operation into a Deer Stand or Industrial, and every time we drop a zombie or a player the adrenaline is pumping like nothing I have ever experienced in a video game before…

More DayZ tales to follow, so stay tuned.


11 thoughts on “Zombie Apocalypse!”

  1. I may buy it tonite. Currently on sale at Steam for $23.99. Tired of just listening to you guys have all the fun playing it!

  2. I’ve switched over to playing MineZ instead (kind of like DayZ but for Minecraft). Not sure which I prefer but I’m really hoping we can eventually play DayZ as a private server so I can have some LAN fun.

    1. Ethic our Eve alliance is buying and running a server, I will give you the info and you can play with us.

  3. Oh great! Another blogger to join the ranks! Which server are you guys playing on, I would love to team up.

    I have got quite a bit of a collection of stories going over at my blog too, and I can’t seem to get enough of this mod!

  4. If zombies are clipping through doors in a permadeath system, then that undermines the whole survival concept.

    I made the original comment to fish for information, i.e. to see if it is still true that the game is buggy. Giant Floating Head said it’s been “greatly improved upon”, which is making me reconsider my original plan of waiting for a year for the game to stabilize before purchasing ARMA.

    1. I havent seen any real buggy gameplay issues that result in my death, typically I do something dumb like falling from a building and die or right now I am logged off in the middle of nowhere because I am bleeding, have no food and nothing to bandage with lol…

      The biggest issue I have seen is bad servers, but HAHA is buying and running our own server soon, (its being built right now) so we will have a flawless server to play on at all times so we dont have to worry about our camp being at the mercy of some idiot paying their cable bill…

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