[DayZ] Why Is This Fun?

There is no point to DayZ.  

There are no objectives.   You can’t win, nor progress, nor develop any significant power advantage over the environment, PvE, or other players.   You invest hours on end only to lose it all in the blink of an eye.  

All you can do is try to survive. 

You never thrive in DayZ.   You are always one meal away from death. Around every bend in the road, in every building,  every step you take brings you closer to your eventual demise.   You will die.  There is no survival.

Why then do I find myself on the tail end of a ten-hour DayZ marathon, wishing I could skip sleep and work and log in for another ten?


12 thoughts on “[DayZ] Why Is This Fun?”

  1. My biggest problem, at least as of the last time I played, was the people that hop from server to server in order to teleport from one place to another. Allowing you to take your gear with you when you switch servers makes it easy for people to do bad things.

    For example, using a low population server to travel into a bunker and then logging into a different server in order to grab gear and then log back out to the low pop server with your goodies and travel away.

    Also, people logging out before they are killed.

    I want my own private server so my son and I can play without grief. I don’t much care for the average monkey playing this game right now.

    I accept all this, because it is a free mod and it is in testing phase still.

  2. I’m dying to try this….hoping Arma II gets a special Steam Sale treatment. The thought of a zombie survival experience without any gamification is extremely tantalizing.

    1. Yup.

      Somewhat the same concept as losing gear in an MMO. If the game is actually built around that fact, it works. If anything, the whole “never lose anything, always get stronger” design concept is horribly flawed for a game intended to be played long-term.

    2. It’s just so strange that you can indoctrinate a mindset in your players before they begin. If they expect everything to be a win-win, they’ll hate you for the slightest inconvenience. Market it as a lose-lose, and people will be lining up in droves for the privilege of doing so!

        1. I’d say you just won the Internet, but we’re both better than that. Here, you’ve earned a Library of Congress.

      1. Yesterday I lost a very geared charachter who had been alive almost two days, and I just rerolled and got right back in it.

        Now I am a few hours into it and mostly geared again. Once you get the basics of ARMA and the mod, the game is not as punishing. You will still die, but the recovery doesnt take as long or as much luck as the first few times you get a decent gear set.

        1. I should add, we knew we were likely to die, as we went gung-ho into the northern airstrip with a combat team, looking for high-end weapons, so when you go looking for trouble in high PvP territory, you go for the thrill of the fight and the likelihood of death.

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