[Eve] Shooting Blues

My lack of Eve updates should not be confused with a lack of gameplay or a waning of interest in New Eden…   Rather, INQ joining Surely You’re Joking [HAHA], one of the top wormhole alliances in the game, has created a serious obstacle to my ability to discuss the goings on in Eve due to the saturation of operational secrecy and security concerns related to just about everything we do.

…and boy do I have stories…  I would tell you them, but then I’d have to kill you.  

One of the activities that we engage in regularly in [HAHA] are the invasions of other wormholes for various reasons, ranging from system control and geo-political objectives to the more mundane cash and kill invasions.

Last week, we invaded a C6 for an assortment of reasons, not least of which was the inhabitants propensity to run Sleeper escalations with a slew of Capital Ships and absolutely no sub-cap support.   This player is manipulating the special system effect of the Red Giant wormhole which improves the performance of Smart Bombs, by equipping a Nidhogger Carrier Capital Ship to Smart Bomb all of the Sleeper’s ammo before it hits the Dreadnoughts, so that none of his ships require Remote Reps (Ship Healing).

We secreted in a fleet as is our standard practice, and waited…   He didn’t take the bait so we set his tower to reinforce, and in an epic battle that resulted in Capital lossmails on both sides, we took system control, and erected four towers to force his hand and engage his entire fleet, or face eviction from his very profitable wormhole endeavor.

Meanwhile, our diplomatic channels were buzzing, as our allies began to realize what was going on, and notified us that this player is a part of a power bloc that we have done business with in the past…  

Wormhole politics being what they are, we rolled the systems static looking for either a way home or another objective we have been planning for a while, and with just three static rolls, found exactly what we were hunting…   Fickle wormhole gods deliver Blues to shoot, and sometimes, it works out better than you could ever plan.

So we packed up our things and jumped the entire sub-cap and capital fleet directly through to our next adventure, with a few massive capital kills and the gratitude of our allies firmly in hand.


4 thoughts on “[Eve] Shooting Blues”

  1. Why all the secrecy post-op?

    I understand not wanting future plans and strategy to leak, but it doesn’t much matter after the fact, no? You and Syncaine already give us general tactics and strategies employed (baiting, logging a fleet off, etc.).

    Are the ops part of a larger objective? Here is where I show my wormhole ignorance, but how can a operation span multiple days, connections, and missions? As long as you don’t reveal the system name, does it matter that we know you hid 10 T3s and 20 BS, setting a trap?

    Are you guys just being especially cautious because you are still on a probation period?

    1. We are full and trusted members of the alliance, so that isn’t the issue.

      Much of what we do is not one and done operations but ongoing contracts, engagements and conflicts. There is a polictical balance, much like in Null, that exists amongst the top entities inside the W-Space arena.

    2. Also not mentioning the system is almost a non-issue. There are ways to find that out. Most of it is ongoing stuff, and some of it is that you never know when we might connect back to someone and go in for round two.

      Mostly though its our alliance leader Pell being a (correctly) paranoid bastard.

  2. Yeah, he’s paranoid all right. But it’s actually pretty routine in most EVE blogs that I read for the author to delay posting information until a few weeks or a month has passed (except for large nullsec battle reports).

    It’s mainly an attempt to keep enemies from connecting the dots and anticipating our next move or finding out where we’re going next to try and spring a trap on us. The meta game in EVE is huge.

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