[GW2] Currency Count

At launch (and these tallies generally go up), Guild Wars 2 has:

  • coin for merchants
  • gems for the cash shop
  • karma for events
  • influence for guilds
  • glory for SPvP
  • badges of honor for WvW
  • 8 different dungeon token types

There is also supply in WvW, skill points become a sort of currency with a few vendors, and mystic coins could be considered a 9th token type. You also have an achievement point count. Some of these are inventory objects, others are just variables attached to your character/account.

Since I complained at length about the need for a LotRO barter wallet, which was implemented years later through the cash shop, I thought I would take stock as GW2 started. WoW and CoX were also noted for their problems with proliferating currency types. Let’s see how ArenaNet handles this.

: Zubon

5 thoughts on “[GW2] Currency Count”

  1. Yes agreed I hope they implement a wallet system. I have a big fear of deleting items I shouldn’t delete because I have no idea what they are used for,

  2. I almost deleted those seed things that I kept accumulating from TA runs. There was no mouse-over tip that even suggested it was THE currency for dungeon items. Same with the badges from WvW, although at least those were labeled ‘badges’ which is an accepted currency term in MMOs these days.

  3. I always wished for arenanet to implement a bookcase for GW1. 3 campains, 2 books for each, plus 4 eye of the north books, plus golem manual, plus black moa hunt, plus young heroes of tyria and I probably even forgot one. That is 13 books :D

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