Funny moment in Guild Wars 2 but maybe you had to be there:

My son and I were hunting in a level 30ish area when we came upon a champion. It was a long fight and several others joined in during the battle to make it a success. I started to run off and look at my loot but he tells me to hold on as he wants to grab a souvenir. I turn around to look and here he comes running carrying a huge bomb! I just did not expect that. He then ran over and dropped it by a cute white bunny and next thing I know he had earned an achievement for master of overkill with over 10,000 damage. For the rest of the evening, he was looking for souvenirs. Even if it was a rake or a hoe, he just had to grab something on the way out of a battle. It became a running joke for us all night.

Like I said, you probably had to be there but it still makes me smile.

– Ethic

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5 thoughts on “Souvenirs”

  1. Your son is adorable. Then again, what bomb-throwing, bunny-overkilling kleptomaniacs aren’t? XD

  2. In the north of Sparkfly Fen, there are some ruins with Pact flamethrowers lying around here and there. They have two functions. Of course they can do their job – spit flames at anything that get’s in front of the barrel. But then there is the second skill, a little red button (remember? Luckily, when trying this button, I was next to a rat. I got my Master of Overkill maxed out with a 360k-ish hit on this poor rodent.

    Ever since then, I can’t go by these ruins without at least blowing up a rat or two.

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