Quote of the Week: Leeky Dragons

It is very typical of the GW2 experience that you might run off to pick vegetables in the middle of a boss fight.

I know the spawn she is talking about, and I frequently pick those leeks during the Claw of Jormag fight. You can also see a dozen players pause between dragon crystals to mine the rich mithril vein. Everyone who did not stop mined it during the last dragon pre-event.

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “Quote of the Week: Leeky Dragons”

  1. I generally have more willpower than that, mostly because I know I can get it later, thanks to nodes being individual resources. But… this season, I have gone ADD for candy.

    You can track my path by the immediate, sharp turns and running in a straight line over jumpable obstacles and heedlessly leaping off cliffs towards any candy corn nodes that show up on my minimap.

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