Free Plants vs. Zombies for Halloween

Stop Zombie Mouth

Plants vs. Zombies is one of the best games (full stop). Pop Cap and the American Dental Association would like you to give away copies as Halloween presents. Visit the link for coupons for PvZ free. Give them to neighborhood children and everyone you know.

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “Free Plants vs. Zombies for Halloween”

  1. George Fan, creator of Plants Vs. Zombies who made the scum he works for several hundred times his yearly salary has been laid off from Pop Cap.

    So when I said that people who wanted to do different things and take risks with games shouldn’t because they will be immediately axed if they fail, I was too kind. I know, I know, I should learn. I really should. No matter how horrible I believe people to be, you are actually worse.

    So that’s my little update to your Secret World merciless “toughness”. You know what’s really funny? You really are going to get the treatment you so heartily endorse for others. No doubt some wit will explain why you don’t deserve it. But you do, you really do.

    1. I understand some of why this comment is here, but I have no idea who “you” is in “your Secret World merciless ‘toughness'” or who is going to get what s/he endorses for others. Feel free to link to whatever Secret World thing you’re referencing, since I have never played or discussed the game.

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