NPC Abilities I Need

“Now that I’m at 10% hit points, I’m not completely sure I like the terrain this fight is on. I think I’ll turn invulnerable and regenerate all my health while walking about ten paces away.”

: Zubon

8 thoughts on “NPC Abilities I Need”

  1. I also want the “Determined” buff, which I can turn on at will, so that I can give my Evil Overlord monologue to my heart’s content, unharassed by pesky people who swing swords at me.

    And I’ll conveniently forget to turn it off again afterwards.

  2. If they gave the invulnerable NPCs a bubble effect, it could be seen as a commentary on old school WoW Paladins …

  3. Even the slightest elevation differences in melee range while swimming can make enemies invulnerable, along with plenty of objects they can get stuck inside (far more than on land) that will also trigger it – but instead of getting stuck in a run away loop like you’d expect, those can still fight half the time. :/

  4. “But don’t worry, I’ll remember who just you are and how angry I am with you, and the moment my big nukes have recharged I’ll trot right back and eat your face.”

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