Meaningless Progression

But isn’t it always? More specifically, from yesterday’s comments:

But what if your progress was in accomplishing something in the world, discovering story, or exploration? Essentially, if you left a legacy behind, an impact on the world that everyone could see, then it wouldn’t matter so much if you died.

That is how A Valley Without Wind works. The character dies, but the town is still bigger, the lieutenants are still defeated, etc. (Also, RL functions somewhat similarly.)

But A Valley Without Wind is also a procedurally generated endless Metroidvania. Once you save one continent, there is a next one. And a next one. And it is not as though the NPCs are fully conscious beings, so the only person there to care is you as you run on the treadmill.

But isn’t it always?

: Zubon

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  1. Whoa. Philosophy in gaming. Impact on the world around us. I’m afraid all I get is some entertaining fun and whatever contribution to others I can make.

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