Quick Review: Go Home Dinosaurs

Cute, simple tower defense themed around rodents protecting a barbeque from dinosaurs. I cannot speculate on why herbivores are holding a barbeque or why they killed cows.

The game crashed five times in the first hour of play. Honestly, you could end a review there.

Gameplay is made exceedingly simple by the low number of moving parts and the limited number of places to put them. You have a lot of flexibility in where you could place most towers, but there are only so many places where it would be sane. Each tower has a different shape, so you can see in a few seconds how the level is meant to be beaten. Drop towers, collect coconuts, win. There is increased flexibility over time as you can pick more towers and in greater variety, as in Plants vs. Zombies, but I don’t think this really deserves to be mentioned on the same page as Plants vs. Zombies.

The preciousness of the graphics would put Japan into insulin shock. This, combined with the simple gameplay and low difficulty, suggests it as a game for small children, although you would not give this to anyone unless they have already played PvZ to the point of boredom. And maybe not then.

Cute, briefly amusing, but not especially good. Wait for a really good sale if you get it at all.

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “Quick Review: Go Home Dinosaurs”

  1. “Kill ten rats”? Sounds like “Kill AS ten rats”. Sweet. Syp Dimas High School football rules!

  2. My 6 and 4 year olds bought copies on sale at pax east. The finished it in a couple of days, but they loved it and really enjoyed it. Their older brother (8) enjoyed it too, but pretended that he was too old for it on account of the very (*very*) cute graphics

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