[TSW] The Secret Waypoint

I am sure this is painfully obvious to most players of The Secret World, but it was a new and refreshing mechanic for me. Basically there is a “waypoint” system in The Secret World, but it doesn’t seem like it was really intended to be used that way.

To do so when out of combat type /reset in the console. This will kill you. Then choose the location you want to resurrect to from the map. Like most fast-travel systems you can only go to locations you’ve found. Anyway, at the resurrection point, hit your action button, and choose to resurrect there. This will eat up 10 durability per item, I think, which in a way isn’t much different than paying a waypoint or fast-travel cost in any other MMO. This has saved me so much marathon running along roads or through the much-hated Ak’hab buggies.

Last night I finished up most of the Solomon Island region including the meta-quest. The ending of the meta-quest was a bit… unexpected. The last battle was also a bit underwhelming. I would have definitely liked more graphical emphasis on my “over 9000” moment instead of them just relying on bigger numbers. The final walk was a bit disturbing, but more confusing. Was the final reward what I had all along anyway? Likely spoilers in the comments, be forewarned.

I will say that I really thought FunCom’s take on modern Native Americans, their personalities, and their cultural issues were one of the best ever. I liked how they were first presented as people, then as “Indians”. Sure, a bit of stereotyping came out when they were poking fun at the arguing brothers and their failed casino, but all told I found their take on a possibly sensitive issue really well done. While not part of the Wabanaki Tribe, John Wolf was probably my favorite mission-giver on Solomon Island.

I plan on smoothing out the rest of Solomon Island before really striking forward. I have two dungeons left to try, a few bugged missions to see if they are fixed (“Dead Air”), and I have to decide whether I want to chase down any more sweet, sweet lore.


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  1. If durability costs are a concern, remove all your equipment before taking the Death Express. Just don’t forget to put everything back on before fighting again. ;)

      1. Speed Upgrades, Gear Manager slots and Auction House purchases, mainly. High level crafting kits, stacks of potions, etc. That’s the only use for PAX I’ve really seen so far. There is no real sink.

  2. I won’t post spoilers, but during the trippy sequences in between chapters, the choices you make will affect the final cutscene sequence, but I don’t think it alters anything besides that. Rewards stay the same. Also, even after finishing the final story mission of the game, it still isn’t clear who that entity is, what they are offering you, or even where you are.

    To this end, I like how Funcom doesn’t tie any character up completely, and revelations are only dribbled out. It leaves a LOT of room for in-depth story, and a lot of imagination and prognosticating. I read that they’re already roadmapped story-wise up through Issue 24. 24!!

  3. “While not part of the Wabanaki Tribe, John Wolf was probably my favorite mission-giver on Solomon Island.”

    Better than grousy chain-smoking cat lady Eleanor Franklin? (Thank you, Jenny O’Hara)

    1. Tier 3 where you collect materials as a puzzle wouldn’t let you collect a certain material you actually needed. I forget which one, it’s been a while.

      1. Hmm It’s been too long for me, too. I had to look it up, but don’t remember having a problem completing it. Good luck.

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