[SC2] Verbally Raised Stakes

The cut scenes in StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm reminded me of Borderlands 2, and more particularly Yahtzee’s review of it. Every boss is a more powerful threat than you’ve ever faced. I apparently broke into the three most heavily defended locations in Dominion space and fought at least three beings who were more unimaginably powerful and/or cunning than any opponent I had ever faced. Of course, all the fights were easy, and almost all the bosses died in cut scenes. But hey, all the other cut scenes talk about how Kerrigan is now more powerful than the Queen of Blades ever was, than has even been witnessed, etc.

: Zubon

In the United States, every presidential campaign is The Most Important Election Of Our Lives.

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  1. This isn’t a Blizzard-only thing, but it is a hallmark of their storytelling. It is particularly egregious in Diablo 3, where the bosses taunt you right up until you obliterate them. Sometimes, they’d still be yammering on about how insanely powerful they are and how we had no chance as we looted their corpses, thanks to some goofy VO timing.

  2. “In the United States, every presidential campaign is The Most Important Election Of Our Lives.”

    I envy You. In Poland, every election is same old shit, with same faces, liars and traitors we know, since they re-branded from communists to capitalists.

    1. Ours is much the same, with two parties strongly demonstrating the median voter hypothesis and working very hard on branding each other as liars and traitors, but we have a dozen 24-hour news stations that are trying to sell coverage of that horse race.

      1. True. The difference is, that they are done selling black lies here. We just choose who will screw us for next 4 years ;D.

        But back to the game and storytelling. Sometimes I wish some company would make awesome game about medicore person. Something like what narrator did with bard in The Bard’s Tale ;), but even more extreme.

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