[GW2] It Came From Guild Chat

Player 1: It was nice of Scarlet to explain the entire Living World story in explicit detail just in case someone wasn’t paying attention for the last year or so. /sarcasm

Player 2: I had no idea what she was talking about at all.

2 thoughts on “[GW2] It Came From Guild Chat”

  1. Sad conclusion to “epic” story of story-less Living Story. I don’t know who in Anet was responsible for this mega-flop, but definatly they should hire someone who actually knows ANYTHING about writing stories and storytelling. Gush – regular game master from D&D, Warhammer or any other system would create better stories.
    But why I am even reading this. I’m out of this boat, thanks to Scarlet “miss of convenience” VillanySue. Bleh. Such a waste of good voice acting for unbelievably bad script.

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