Happy Holidays! (and Legendaries)

I was getting a little squeamish with my Christmas gift for Mrs. Ravious because she was fast approaching enough gold to buy the Leaf of Kudzu legendary precursor, and she was hellbent. I embellished some rumors I saw about ArenaNet adding precursor crafting as a Guild Wars 2 holiday gift (rumors which I did not make up), which made her cautious enough for me to jump in and buy the precursor (516 gold).

Thank you so much to those that donated. I told Mrs. Ravious about your help and she was extremely grateful and thought it was the coolest thing that it was a communal effort. It was also a communal effort in my household as my girls were in charge of making the “card” for her gift. My 7 year old drew the picture on her own (we are still amazed at her drawing ability), and my 4 year old made up the story. I edited the story because otherwise there would be a three page tangent on the astronaut’s adventures. I did my best to keep her focused on “mommy” and “the flower bow” during her telling.

Happy Holidays To All!



2 thoughts on “Happy Holidays! (and Legendaries)”

  1. Absolutely adorable! Happy Holidays to you too, it’s wonderful that you are able to share so much happiness with your family.


  2. This is so sweet! Wish you and your family a continuous great holiday season and a fantastic new year, with new stories to enjoy from your ‘epic GW2 quest’. <3 :-)

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