Quick Review: Hack, Slash, Loot

“Hack, Slash, Loot” is in the current Humble Roguelike Weekly Sale. I thought I should give roguelikes more of a try, having had disappointing experiences with them before. This is perhaps the worst one I have ever played.

Over the years, I have repeatedly talked about the importance of having a good opening and the failure of some games to do that. Hack, Slash, Loot starts you out with character options that are all too weak to complete the game without ridiculous luck, although perhaps a veteran player could do so with only very good luck. You unlock better characters by completing the game or dying a lot. They unlock when your death reaches a new square number, starting with 9, so you are almost guaranteed to lose your first 16 to 36 times playing. You have no meaningful chance at all. The more positive review I found for the game said that you would just need to accept losing and dying for about four hours straight, then the game starts to get enjoyable.

Assume the game gets better. How big a factor is luck in this game? There is a Steam achievement for missing 10 times in a row. The most commonly completed achievement for this game is “die in less than 20 turns.” Expect the unwinnable.

But the graphics are cute.

: Zubon