Writer’s Juice

There’s some bit of finite energy required by blogging. Unfortunately, it is the same juice used to write elsewhere, whether it be at work or in other arenas. I find that if I am active in say a G+ community or a forum, I write less elsewhere. If I write up a solo RPG session, I write less elsewhere. Note that this is not a function of time. It’s more like a function of will.

There’s so much to write about too. The Guild Wars 2 community seems frustrated with ArenaNet’s communication, but then my mid-season view of the Living World story is aces. Windborne got a small update. Chuubo’s Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine just got released in beautiful PDF form. I roleplay with my young daughters every other weekend or so as well, which has opened my eyes to a whole new world.

Then, I also live less than half-hour’s drive from Ferguson. So, I got that going for me.

As always, Zubon and other blogger around the ‘sphere are doing fantastic work. I just felt like I needed to write a note that was like “I’m still here in some form.” I am hoping now that school is started, and things are getting regularly scheduled, I too will find time to manage my juice.


2 thoughts on “Writer’s Juice”

  1. Holy wow do I hear you there. My blogging took a nosedive (and hasn’t recovered) since I started working more on my own games and stories. That NEED to write just isn’t there because I have other outlets. The feeling is the same for visual art. When I’m artistically fulfilled at work I don’t have the need to create outside of work, so I end up just playing games or reading or futzing around online.

    Stay safe around Ferguson man.

  2. Is Writer’s Juice like drinking the KoolAid? =) We’ll be here waiting to read when you are back at it!

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