Wanting to Want

I like what I hear about Final Fantasy XIV. Job-switching sounds like what I have wanted for years and what Horizons aspired to. Sadly, after having killed ten rats and ten thousand goblins, the idea of a new leveling treadmill makes me reach for a book, so I will be spending time with Russian science fiction rather than Japanese fantasy.

: Zubon


3 thoughts on “Wanting to Want”

  1. Not to mention the default 2.5 second global cooldown makes combat feel agonizingly slow compared to most MMOs and positively unbearable for anyone used to more action-oriented combat like Guild Wars 2 or Wildstar.

    1. Counter-point: The longer global cooldown means you can focus on things other than mashing your hotbar (WoW) or invuln-dodge spam (GW2).

      Half-action combat for me has been ruined thanks to Darkfall; once you experience that, its hard to get excited about what GW2 or others do.

  2. Other then the job switching, there was nothing about the game that made me wAnt to keep playing past level 20 or so.

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