[GW2] Living on the Edge

How is gameplay in the Edge of the Mists these days? My experience was a distillation of the WvW experience to almost pure karma-training.

There are three zergs of random sizes, each capturing objectives in a spiral, with the occasional overlap or intersection that leads to a one-off fight. There is little to no incentive to defend beyond the free points of catching unaware opponents from behind. I have never seen anyone care about the reward for having the higest score, and I do not even know what it is.

GW2 players were asking for more permanent PvE zones. I do not know if the developers meant to create one in WvW or if that is just a statement on the GW2 playerbase. But hey, it’s been a while, so maybe things have changed since my last visit.

: Zubon

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  1. I just wrote a lengthy reply and then fat-fingered the keys and lost it all. Too late to retype but the gist is yes its pretty much a PvE zerg map, unused and largely forgotten by regular WvW players.

    The problem it was created to solve (giving WvW players something to do while queuing for EBG/BLs) is a non-problem outside Tier 1 anyway.

    Personally I haven’t been there since about a month after it opened and I hear it mentioned in game maybe once or twice a week at the very most, either derisively if in WvW or as a fast if cheesy option for fast leveling or karma-earning when a new player asks questions in PvE maps.

  2. Essentially the same. Yes, it merely confirms that there are usually a lot more PvE players in an MMO than PvP ones. It also confirms that there is a regular cohort of “casual” players who are content to jump in and jump out of easy not-much-challenge content to farm a set of rewards, usually karma, experience or champion bags.

    On the bright side, I’ve used it recently as an easy way to clear DR since there’s almost always a train running and events, since they are player-controlled, in a way, get complete a bit more frequently than wandering around the open world hoping to stumble into one.

    Regular WvW players usually have enough to contend with on the four normal maps that actually count for the ‘real score.’

  3. It’s fun to troll the zergs. I’ve held down walled objectives (except for the darn ogre keep vs. the scorpion mortar army) pretty easily with a handful of players vs. a zerg. That’s about it though.

    Compared to the BL, EotM is brilliant and beautiful, and I love how rewarding it feels to get objectives. But yeah it’s a karma train x 3.

  4. I found it a slightly disheartening confirmation that there still is a substantial part of the MMO playerbase that simply logs in to farm stuff. Aquire things. Make numbers bigger.
    Regardless of whether there’s actually anything at all you can do with those bigger numbers. The hunter-gatherers are well and alive in the digital reality.

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