Strategy in the Smallest Things

Do you ever lose track of which units/buildings/whatever in the game are yours? Lately, I have gotten into the habit of intentionally picking the least desired color so that there is less cognitive load from trying to remember which color I have this time. My friends argue over who gets red or black this game, but no one fights me for these Cheetos-orange pieces. Bonus points if you get your own set of meeples and use those for board games so yours are always distinct.

: Zubon

One thought on “Strategy in the Smallest Things”

  1. I have a list of preferences blue>black>grey>white>purple>yellow>other. What gets me is people that excessively complain when they can’t be their preferred colour but regularly play with different people. You might always be red, but what about everyone else that is always red? There are only about 20 colours that can come up, and there are a lot more people than that in just one of the gaming groups that I go to…

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