[GW2] Double the Legendary, Double the Fun

Mrs. Ravious is now the proud owner of two legendaries. It definitely helped that the RNGhost in the Machine decided to give, ironically, Mrs. Ravious the Leaf of Kudzu precursor for the holidays. Her Christmas gift last year was the Leaf of Kudzu. This year it was put up on the auction block with the proceeds turning in to Dawn, the precursor for the legendary greatsword Sunrise.

Then for the holidays she farmed well… everything, and I led her through Ascalon Catacombs a dozen or so times. I now stand next to my wife like a filthy casual.

I kid. She hates that I don’t have a legendary, but I don’t know which legendary ArenaNet made to look good with necromancers. Wait, yes I do. None. They made none legendaries for the stepchild class of PvE. I guess if I want to be some anti-necromancer, bubble-gum angel holding-a-rainbow… necro like Noscoc I could do that.


The roughest part of the legendary for us was the dungeon. We are not dungeon running folk. Especially in the current “meta” vibe. It’s run through this trash, stand here, stack there, and press “f” for loot. Not bad except it’s always at a frantic pace.

Sunday night was our final night for Ascalonian ghost tears of the 500 Mrs. Ravious needed. It was also our worst run. We’re pretty inclusive when we make a group in the LFG channel. So we brought along another ranger and a level 74 elementalist. The ele was downed nearly every single fight, but that’s okay. The other ranger though was a mess.

The Golden Rule of Dungeons. If you don’t know what you are doing: ask. Definitely do not lead or be the first to shoot. Definitely stand where everybody else is standing. Watch the other players more than the enemies. And, if you are a ranger learning the dungeon put your pet on peaceful!

The ranger broke every rule. Multiple times. Not only that, but the ranger was a female norn without any speed boost. The slow motion of her trod coupled with the idiotic maneuvers … gah! Finally at the Ghosteater fight we told her to stay put, double out of range of our way.

I don’t want anybody to get the wrong idea. The only reason for a person to be afraid of running a dungeon is if they are afraid of communication. Want to look great and have people want to help you? Truthfully say this: “hey, I checked out [the wiki, some Youtube guide, possibly Dulfy], but I wanted to let you know this is my first time. I could use some tips, for sure.” Pro-activity, responsibility, and community all in bite.

I find that even the most xxxtreme ‘zerk dungeon runners have a soft spot for a noob that wants to learn. It’s one thing to mentor. It’s another thing to forcefully teach. Either that, or default answer, run with your guild.

For the most part we had great grouping success just putting up “AC P2, 80s” in the LFG. Sometimes a few ‘zerk runners tired of waiting would join us and melt everything in our path. Other times we were less efficient. We didn’t really care. It’s a pretty short ride either way.

The Wintersday daily is really starting to get tiring. I am looking forward to heading back in to the Silverwastes to finish up my luminescent armor set. I hope. Never know with ArenaNet. Next update is in a week, we’ll know then.


7 thoughts on “[GW2] Double the Legendary, Double the Fun”

  1. A ranger without a speed boost is like a fish without a bicycle. Or something. Seriously, how is that even possible?

    With you on the Wintersday dailies. I have absolutely no reason to do them, never did. There is literally nothing you can get from them that I have any use for. All they do is fill my bags and banks with yet more crap I don’t want. Unfortunately I haven’t missed one yet and now I have this completionist vibe going. Bear in mind also that I have two accounts.

    Every MMO I have played lets Christmas events run on far too long. They should all stop, at the VERY latest, on January 1st. Personally I’d go for December 27th.

  2. Two legendaries! Amazing. I have a few thousand hours into GW2 and never saw a legendary, nor saw one drop for anyone I know.

    Since it can drop anywhere, the likelihood is just too small to make it farmable.

    I haven’t played GW2 in months and will likely not return, even with the introduction of an expansion (if such a thing happens).

  3. Is there anything in the Wintersday part that’s a permanent addition to your home-instance? I haven’t played since Wintersday hit, but I’d hate to miss any perma additions in my home-instance, I love upgrading it :)

      1. Wow, thanks for the heads up! I kept up to date a bit via various blogs, but I completely missed this one. Should be doable though before tuesday, if I read the wiki correctly.

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