[GW2] Press Demo Feedbacks and Overviews

A lot of press, ‘casters, and a few other media-types were invited to ArenaNet last week to check out a demo of the Heart of Thorns content. Just about everything they played was already revealed through ArenaNet’s Twitch channel, including the Revenant (up to two legends), a slice of the new map, the Verdant Brink, the wyvern boss battle, and the new PvP gamemode Stronghold.

The best aggregate by far is RandomUser’s well maintained megapost on the event at Reddit. There were a few surprises, for me. I didn’t know, for example, that Rock, Paper, Shotgun would attend. They always feel a bit flighty or uncontrollable for press events. 

The best overview of the material is the fan-favorite YouTube “blogger” Wooden Potatoes. I also really like Bog Otter’s delivery style, but he is releasing his  videos more piece-meal. For a text version I liked RPS’s, PCGamer’s, and IGN’s overview.

The best thing to come out of the press event, in my humble opinion, is Angry Joe’s interview with ArenaNet’s Colin Johanson. Angry Joe is a well-regarded YouTuber (nearly 2 mil. subs) who holds the PC gamer banner high. He is a great interviewer that does not pull any punches, but I love his delivery of “concerned friend” rather than “adversarial journalist”. It is also worth watching since Angry Joe is not a Guild Wars 2 focused-fan. I also really liked MattVisual’s interview.

The two I am waiting on for their thoughts are Tobuscus and Jessie Cox also prominent YouTubers. Regardless, it seems that the feedback is largely the same.

It’s a good demo. It provides a good start to showing off things that ArenaNet intends to be featured in Heart of Thorns, but it’s a 40 minute demo trying to indicate what a player might be playing for hours and hours and hours. It’s like getting one Girl Scout cookie from a box.

Next week we will get another Girl Scout cookie because it seems that WvW will be added to the mix of “things presented”. I am looking forward to that. I really am excited to see what possible lessons from Edge of the Mists have translated to the core WvW. After that it’s beta time. ArenaNet should feel free to contact me for beta services. I am more than happy to give my thoughts in written form, as it were.


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  1. I agree about AngryJoe however I feel compelled to point out that even he slipped up twice during the interview and one of the major slip ups was very telling about what the situation might be like for this game even after it launchs economically. That it will remain a gold grind TPcentric economic disaster with too many gold sinks and not enough rewards. If that’s the case no thanks they can keep it, that’s why I left in the first place. It’s like they are ignoring 20 years of psychology as to why people play games in the first place, rewards.

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