I sometimes find it helpful to make explicit the “imaginary” in front of something from a game when speaking aloud. “I’m upset because the imaginary zombie bit my imaginary warrior.” “Curses, someone else was willing to pay more imaginary gold for that imaginary sword on the imaginary auction house than I was!”

Your loved ones are sometimes worried that you forget that whole “it’s just a game” thing when the game affects you emotionally. And let’s be honest, sometimes you can use the reminder. This will reassure them that you are aware that you are reacting to an imaginary wizard’s struggles with an imaginary rock monster.

Although some people will be even more worried when you acknowledge that things are imaginary but still react to them.

: Zubon

4 thoughts on “Perspective”

  1. Tell ’em it’s only imaginary when they cry during a sad movie and that it’s just a game after a sports match where their team lost.

  2. Interesting thing as well. Recently had a guild split happen, and I was distraught. Why? You can say it’s ‘just a game,’ but the reality is that these are real people with real relationships, dealing with real conflict.

    Plus, emotion is emotion, regardless of the source of the stimulus. I stand by that wholeheartedly. Imagination is a powerful thing, and one of the most compelling powers that exist.

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