Why Everything on the Internet Needs “Ignore,” “Block,” and More

a player spamming Town of Salem
And this is Town of Salem, where even killing someone just shifts them to spamming graveyard chat:
a dead player spamming in Town of Salem
Sadly, Town of Salem does not let you mute players. [Update: /ignore name to ignore people.]

: Zubon

4 thoughts on “Why Everything on the Internet Needs “Ignore,” “Block,” and More”

  1. Hmmm. There are two ways of viewing this – either this is an individual in serious need of a hug, or this is an individual in serious need of a punch in the mouth. Unfortunately I don’t go with the hug approach, and neither TCP/IP nor prevailing social customs support the punch in the mouth approach so I guess we will have to settle on needing some sort of ‘mute’ function for the Internet’s special children.

    1. Probably, but I do not know the timeframe and they do not report back to me. There is a “Report” button, so something could happen to spammers.

      I hit the same person again about an hour later. In what is either a 1-in-1000 coincidence or a bit of hacking, he was Mayor in both games. Perhaps being lynched early in the first game convinced him/her to stop spamming early in the second.

      1. I was about to ask about roles – This would seem to be a path to take for a Jester or gamethrower (at least when they’re alive), but a mayor…!? I’d really like a way to one-click mute and unmute particular game nicks, then go a step further (Typing a name into a setting, for example) to mute accounts in general.

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