Batman: Arkham Knight PC Review

Arkham Knight refund request

Call me if they finish porting this to the PC. What I saw made Arkham Origins look good. Oh hey:
Arkham Knight will be ready in the fall. Sales have been suspended while Warner Brothers works on performance issues
Maybe it will be ready in the fall.

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  1. I mean, you bought a WB product for the PC. I’m surprised installing the game didn’t outright melt your machine or set your house on fire.

    Nice move by Valve to pull the game though. Back in the day, think Walmart or GameStop would pull a ‘AAA’ title off shelves if it wasn’t great? I seem to remember being able to find Superman64 in stores despite that game being an unplayable abomination (weird, also a WB game).

  2. With the exception of things like MMOs where I can demo the game pre-launch, I don’t think I will ever be a day 0 gamer again. I’m severely backlogged as is, and being part of that initial wave just doesn’t excite me anymore.

    Then add a huge dollop of cynicism from stuff like this, and yeah….

  3. I had hope for Rocksteady. I was really hesitant on pulling that pre-order trigger, but these folks made Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. At worst, I figured, they make a worse version of Arkham City, which still makes it a “game of the year” candidate. I mean, Arkham Origins was a much worse Arkham City, a buggy mess that made the design worse with almost every change, and it will still mostly good because Arkham City was that good.

    And then this debacle. And in the 31 minutes I clocked, there were two fights and a Batmobile chase scene. I pretty much watched an episode of a TV show and got to left click for 30 seconds. I did get to fly around Gotham a bit, which is good. Maybe I should re-install Arkham City.

    1. I’ve only played Arkham Asylum (or whatever the first game was called), how do the others compare to it? I think I read, though now I don’t remember which title it was, that they are basically just ‘more of the same’?

      Asylum was decent IMO, but nothing that really blew me away, and towards the end I felt like I was playing just to see the ending (which again if I remember correctly, was pretty meh).

      1. Arkham City is mostly the same in terms of gameplay, plus improvements, more open area, and a bit less linear. Arkham Origins was done by another company and was more of the same plus bugs and some bad ideas.

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