[Crowfall] Knightly Updates

Crowfall was something I backed instantly. In large part it was the way that the dev team communicated. Early on, I felt they were communicating to me. I’ve been watching Crowfall continue to keep communicating to the players. They talk about milestones, difficulties, triumphs. It makes me feel like I have stake in the game.

To be honest though most of those updates just made me nod knowing it was still a large ways off before I would play. It’s like if someone is telling me a couple places of where they plan on taking me for dinner. I like hearing their thought process, but I can’t really think about what I am going to eat until I know which restaurant we are going to. Crowfall news has felt much the same. I appreciate the process, but not much to chew on, for me.

This changed subtly with the Knight Powers. All of the sudden things felt less “high concept” and more “this is what I might chew on”. The post goes over the idea of Minimum Viable Powers for each archetype and talks about some powers each will have. For example, special movement powers might be assigned to “c”. It’s interesting and gets me thinking a bit about the other archetypes.

What I still really like is the way the whole post is so honestly communicated. They talk about the engineering team having to build a module for procs. They talk about testing PhysX limitations in Unity. I’ve always felt the more a gamer understands the process and amount of work required for building and changing game mechanics, the better off the whole community.

Anyway, the Crowfall team pushes out many updates each week. They don’t seem to be beholden to some marketing overlord as much as “this is what we’re working on, and we’re going to share”. I like that. Makes me feel good to have backed the game.


2 thoughts on “[Crowfall] Knightly Updates”

  1. I’m in full ‘scan the update, delete’ mode with Crowfall. Not because I don’t think its going to be great, or because the updates are bad, but because until it is closer to something I can play (beta), I’m not going to work myself up on lore or details.

    1. Yeah, I’m not getting worked up (hyped), but this is the first one that’s kind of risen up out of the noise, and a good chance to promote their good communication.

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