Town of Salem Referrals

Town of Salem added a referrer bonus system. It’s not a big one, but if you’ve become interested and try out the game, tell ’em Zubon sent you?

Other things in the update: new Forger mafia role, new chaos mode with lots of colors and killing roles, new cosmetics. Not sold yet on the new, unnecessarily long role selection animation.

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “Town of Salem Referrals”

  1. I’m not sold on the animation either, but it’s sure pretty. Maybe if the initial scroll-through-roles was a little faster, that would be nice. The new login screen is great, and I’d love to see the music used elsewhere. I’ve also just won my first round as a Forger, and I absolutely love the role. Paired with a coordinated Mafia, the Forger does especially well when working with the Disguiser and separate from wherever the Janitor is cleaning up (Paper, after all, is bleached well enough). Have you tried Forger yet?

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