Server Issues and Disconnection Losses

a list of Town of Salem 'suicides' suggesting server problems I am still playing Town of Salem, and I have begun to suspect that issues I was complaining about may be with the game rather than the players. People do quit at all times for all reasons or none at all, but connection issues I periodically see suggest players are being awarded losses for disconnects outside their reasonable control. In the picture to the left, it is possible that half the players in the game decided to quit in the first minute before anything happened, but it seems more likely that it was a connection problem. In the same night I saw a game with 5 disconnects from initial load to first night, and then another game was won by what should have been the losing team after the mafia killing role disconnected but their departure was never recognized by the server (someone else grouped with them confirmed their Steam disconnected for 10 minutes with the character still in-game).

To set the tableau for that last game, there were three mafia members against one townie. That last townie was the Mayor, who gets 3 votes and could therefore lynch a mafia member every day. The mafia gets one kill per night, so you can see how they are not going to lose this … except that only one person has the “kill” button at a time, and that was the person who disconnected and happened to be the last person the Mayor chose to lynch. The Mayor even recognized the absurdity of the situation (without knowing exactly what happened) and avoided lynching every day to give the person time to get back. The game stretched an extra ten minutes with only one person able to make one decision every few minutes. I have had several games with disconnected/AFK mafia killing roles, which makes a joke of the game.

The game can fail to connect half the players while also failing to notice when players disconnect. This is bad.

: Zubon