Idle Dating Sim

I have commented before on unusual mash-ups of genre and mechanics. Crush Crush is the first time I have seen a dating sim running on idle game mechanics. I would not go so far as to advocate playing, but the concept mix is interesting.

: Zubon

One thought on “Idle Dating Sim”

  1. I have to agree. It’s interesting, especially the amount of stuff they’ve thrown in. I’m getting close to calling games like Cookie Clicker, (other) clickers and this “secondary games”. Some are demanding of your time, but many aren’t and it’s like they can almost run behind your main game and you can switch to it briefly to affect a small amount of change while you may have a moment of downtime in your main game.

    I think some Twitch streamers do that sometimes, by having a kind of back-up “interest” in the wings if they reach a boring spot or the game they are on glitches or suddenly takes a large, but somewhat boring moment to get through.

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