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I have previously mentioned the notion of a premium game that charged more for more, rather than a F2P race to the bottom. Monte Cook, bless his heart, is going for it. He is Kickstarting a new RPG called Invisible Sun that costs $197. That is the lowest pledge tier. The other pledge tier is $539, which adds on the stretch goals and a 12-month subscription of sorts. That’s it, those are the two options. The premium and ultra-premium pledge slots were all sold for $42,811. It garnered a quarter-million in about a day, is already funded, and now can start putting the stretch rewards in that $539 box.

I respect the audaciousness of the project. Monte wanted to make a deluxe game, so he went and did it with a bunch of friends, a big box with books and cards and dice and a cloth map and everything you dreamed of doing as a young nerd. Kind of like when Steve Jackson used Kickstarter for his dream deluxe game, only more. Kind of like that $1000 omelet only the omelet itself is both the PR stunt and the product they are really selling.

I do not have a regular gaming group and I cannot see myself buying this, but I am interested in seeing where it goes and what will get added to the game as its pledges rise above a half-million.

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3 thoughts on “Premium Game”

  1. Looks like pretty clever marketing of a premium product.

    (Not to imply that such a thing is bad, merely targeted at an audience willing to pay a premium for higher quality or more glitz/shinies/tangibles. eg. I carry a branded smartphone and drink branded coffee, who’s to say someone else shouldn’t pay for a branded “higher class” RPG?)

    I’m especially intrigued by the ARPG flavor mix. Since Augmented Reality seems to be “in” these days, seems like they’re mixing a dose of Secret World-esque ARPG into a tabletop RPG by utilizing the possibilities the internet offers for direct distribution to the customer.

    I also want to take a look at the rules and scrutinize the narrative/story creation bits, but eh, a little too rich for me at that price point. Maybe when they catch the long tail after this is over two-three years from now, there will be a less pricey digital version for those just interested in reading and collecting rules, rather than fully immersed and invested in playing with a group.

  2. Would love for this concept to expand, even into gaming. Put the right bonuses together, and you can get $200+ out of me for the next Mount and Blade or Civilization game.

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