Pathfinder Adventures: Rise of the Runelords

I reloaded Pathfinder Adventures, the mobile version of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. All six parts of Rise of the Runelords are now available. The quest mode level cap is still 40.

The gameplay remains good. The later content is not terribly special, with some variety but mostly more of the same. I am told that is how Rise of the Runelords works: the first and most straightforward of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game sets. It responds well to brute force.

The game remains buggy. It seems better but still buggy. My Cleric’s ability to heal a card after fighting undead does not work after all undead. The game can get stuck, requiring you to forfeit and start over. Cards can get stuck in an unbeatable state, requiring you to forfeit and start over. This last was most irritating when it happened in the hardest adventure. The last card literally said that it went on the bottom of the deck after being fought, no matter what, and I needed to completely empty the deck to win. The forums list this as a known bug for at least six months.

When I reinstalled the game, the cloud save had my current story party but no other characters. That flushed a lot of character advancement.

I am still unclear on how this game makes money. There are now more cosmetics to buy, but it is trivial to get enough gold to pay for all the content. My previous play left me with enough gold for all the new content, and now I am back to having enough to buy the first third of the next campaign if they make another. Daily challenges were added, making that even faster. If you buy the game, you really are donating to the developers.

Straightforward, fun, worth the time. Theoretically being ported to Steam but I don’t see the evidence.

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “Pathfinder Adventures: Rise of the Runelords”

  1. Well, hello. I randomly decided to stop by. I noticed you’re blogging about board games now, eh? When did that start up? It’s quite a coincidence since I just started getting heavily into board gaming.

    I’ve been playing this app off and on. I don’t think I’d buy it as a physical game. It’s an interesting concept, but the gameplay is pretty repetitive. The game would really benefit from some evocative artwork, but most of it feels lifeless.

    Just bought the Race for the Galaxy app last night. I’m addicted!

    1. Ravious and I started a bit of that years ago. I’m just not playing many online games these days, so I don’t have many online gaming stories. Board games yield the occasional item of interest.

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