Spirits of the Forest

Spirits of the Forest is the next game from ThunderGryph Games. As usual, it is being launched on Kickstarter, and I am promoing them as a Founder’s Club member. I just received their last game to ship, Tao Long, although I have not had a chance to get it on the table yet.

“Learn in five minutes” seems like a good tagline. This weekend, I played Gaia Project, which is good fun but commitment to learn, even already knowing Terra Mystica.

Something I like about reputable tabletop game projects on Kickstarter is that they almost always have a downloadable PDF of the rules. I have absolutely gotten burned by paying full price for games without knowing whether I would like them, but I feel like that is my own fault in a world where I can download the rules and often a print and play version to try it out. If the rules are not linked with the game, they will be available on BoardGameGeek. Spirits of the Forest has the bonus that it (and all the other ThunderGryph games) is on Tabletopia, so I may try it out soon. I may try a lot of things on Tabletopia now that I am reminded of its existence.

: Zubon