Pathfinder Adventures Update 1.2.6

Pathfinder Adventures launched on PC and Mac last week. In celebration, the game has new partners, added standard P2W cash shop elements, and removed Quest mode. On net: I hope this makes them more money, but I quit playing.

Desktop release: yay! It includes linking accounts: yay! There is some bug about wiping out progress that I need to check before doing that: par for the course with this game. The desktop version is a standard “buy the box” with some DLC, not the F2P (now P2W) from mobile.

Bugs were fixed with this release. Given the length of bug fixes listed, the game presumably remains buggy.

The cash shop is unexceptional. There were always “sell random cards” chests; now it also has “sell specific, powerful cards.” There are now boosts, for everyone who wants to pay to play a game and then pay to circumvent playing the game.

Quest mode was most of my time in-game, so its removal means they took away the game I was playing. (For free, so it’s not like they owed me anything.) It makes sense to eliminate it in that Quest mode broke the F2P model. Quest mode generated so much gold that I never needed to pay to play the game, and I have enough gold to buy the entire next adventure path. Weak business model. Now that is gone, so I do not know if reasonably one could F2P the game. Players “cash in” Quest mode to get a small amount of cash shop rewards; that process is bugged of course, but customer service is quick to respond to e-mails.

Content removed, cash shop expanded, primary way to earn cash shop currency removed. But you can now get it on Steam! The core game remains good, so that could be worthwhile.

: Zubon