It’s the Little Things

Should I get excited about updates to Restaurant City? It is probably my favorite Facebook game. In my defense, it is not that exciting, but it added a bunch of new things to click and ways to interact with your restaurant and your friends.’ You can now protect your friends’ restaurants from predatory penguins and sleeping bears. Let me tell you, we often have sleepy bears around my house.

Players now have the opportunity to clean toilets by hand. Joy! If only it were a one-click function in real life.

: Zubon

Computer maintenance is also one-click in Restaurant City. Convenient!

Sleep Dep

I am not getting enough sleep lately. My apologies if I am snippy.

Work continues to demand that I show up if I want money, and then there is the rest of having a house and being a grown-up that looked much easier when I was very small. I could deal with just those, but I also enjoy our assorted entertainments, and I have been getting to bed late trying to keep up with them.

I hit 80 in WoW, we have our weekly Casualties of War LotRO night, Borderlands just shipped, I keep hearing good things about Torchlight, I have been trying Left 4 Dead again (Boomer!), Team Fortress 2 is often fun, I have a half-dozen Facebook games that I poke upon occasion, and there are at least two worthwhile new flash games a week. I have Vernor Vinge’s A Fire Upon the Deep next to me, which I should renew at the library, and John Dies at the End by David Wong just got national publication. I have not watched any of Dollhouse this season yet, I am seasons behind on Heroes and Lost (is it worth watching?), a friend has been pushing me to watch Dr. Who for over a year, my brother has been promoting Big Bang Theory for longer, and I have a huge list of shows, movies, and books that sounded interesting on TV Tropes. My RSS feeds send me 200 blog posts a day, I might have that many Facebook updates, however much e-mail, and all the other things I see and do online. Oh, and I blog.

Work itself can be wearying, and I value having so many competing sources of entertainment. Trying to keep up with just some of them, however, keeps me awake long into the night, still typing away as your mom asks if I am coming to bed anytime soon.

: Zubon

Zubon Reviews Random Facebook Games

Just to spite Julian? I have played several, although I am on hiatus from them to see how pointless they feel after a little time away. That pointlessness will probably rate “high,” but then that happens with MMOs, too.

I will put them after the break, to avoid enraging you. Zubon has found a brown cow full of heroin! Join him now! Continue reading Zubon Reviews Random Facebook Games