Why I Play Multiplayer Games By Myself

gw001.jpgAkela Talamasca at Massively posted today about why he enjoys soloing through his favorite MMOs. This is something that I find myself enjoying as well and I’d like to share a few more reasons why it can be fun.

Akela lists his reasons as such:

Feeling of being a hero, not a nameless part of a team.
Inability to trust other players.
Time management.

For my situation, the first two certainly apply. I enjoy being the star of the show and I detest when other players lower my enjoyment of a game. Time management isn’t a big concern for me, as I tend to be the one scheduling the guild events and trying to get everyone together.

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Guardians at the Gates 1

When I posted about barbarians at the gates last month, I did not expect the most famous one in English literature to appear in response. As it turns out, the upcoming Age of Conan has exactly what I was looking for, including PvE and PvP city-building and -defense that integrates crafting and has various sizes for big and small guilds. Ask, and the internet delivers.

My thanks to our commenters who pointed out my ignorance and cited other games doing something along these lines. Please consider this your report-out on games that have aspects of player-run, -built, or -defended cities. Add more to the comments if you think of any.

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This Just In…

Star Wars: Galaxies still sucks. Film at 11.

Really, all they have accomplished here is to chase away all the people willing to play that horrible excuse for a game. I gave it some decent play time, ignoring the bugs, and still could not really find any enjoyment. It is an improvement in my opinion, but not enough.

These changes may encourage some previous players to try it out for a month and many of the current players will stick around (just how much grief can you do to these people before they finally quit?) but I just don’t see any possibility of drawing in brand new players. It ain’t going to happen. The writing is on the wall my friends, the game is doomed.

– Ethic

SWG:NGE First Impressions

SWG[Star Wars: Galaxies] I wanted to experience the “radical” new changes in Star Wars: Galaxies first hand, so I decided to reactivate my account and reinstall the game. They have the New Game Enhancements (NGE) live on the Test Center so I figured I’d give it a try.

First up, reinstallation. My DVD burner started getting flaky recently so I could not install the game. I ran a laser lens cleaner for about an hour and it seemed to get a little better. Tried to install again, no dice. Spent an hour digging in my computer parts bins in the basement and finally I found a spare CD drive. Installed that and finally I got the game installed. Patch time, one more hour. Installed Test Center copy, one more hour.

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SWG: Major Overhaul

SWG[Star Wars: Galaxies] Check this out:

Greetings Star Wars Galaxies Players, Fans, and Other Denizens of the Galaxy:

My name is Julio Torres and I am the Producer on Star Wars Galaxies for LucasArts. We wanted you, the great members of the Galaxies community, to be the first to hear some exciting news about the current and future plans for Star Wars Galaxies!

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SW:G Added To Station Access Plan

At $21.99 per month, this is a pretty damned good deal if you like a few of these games.

After Feb. 1, 2005, Star Wars Galaxies will join the already available line-up of titles offered under the Station Access subscription plan, which includes the original EverQuest, the recently released EverQuest II, PlanetSide, EverQuest Online Adventures for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, EverQuest for the Macintosh and the three Station Pass games, Cosmic Rift, Infantry and Tanarus.

Can WoW Appeal To The Harcore Gamer?

I was thinking about World of Warcraft some today and I started to realize the game is lacking something important for long term enjoyment. There really is not any good fluff stuff to keep you entertained when you get tired of questing. No player housing, no player music, no player stores, no good fun pointless stuff. Of course, we always hear that things like this are being worked on and will be introduced to the game at some point. But really how many times do we need to hear that stuff? Put it in already.

My brother is playing WoW every day and he is having a blast, so maybe I’m totally off base. Don’t get me wrong, the game is just about perfect for me. I play maybe 6 hours in a week. I will not run out of things to do for a long time.

Blizzard would point out that there is PvP and Alliance vs Horde to entertain us. They are putting in battlegrounds so we can fight each other for various goals and rewards. Maybe that is going to be fun, but so far I’ve never found any fun in PvP in a level-based game. Unless any character has a chance against any character, PvP is reduced to min-maxers and those with uberloot. Neither of those apply to me as a 6 hour per week player.

As bad as Star Wars: Galaxies was, it did a lot of things right in this area. You could build your own house, heck even your own town. Add a shuttle craft port in your town so you could fly in and out of it. Complete control of the inside (color, paintings, furniture, statues, etc) and outside of the housing. Allow others to come in to your house, or keep them out. You have full control. They also have musicians and dancers. Sounds silly, but going into a cantina was often just like going into a real one. There was always a band playing and people dancing. The band and the dancers are always other players too.

Things like that allow you to make an impact in the world, make your own personal mark. MMORPGs need this. I can only hope that WoW will add this stuff and soon, otherwise many hardcore players will have come and gone.