Why don’t you want me to play?

Some time ago, I signed up to Runescape as I figured it would be worth trying out the largest free-to-play MMO in the world. It was definitely some time ago and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t this year and it may well have been 2008 or prior to that. I know I wrote about free-to-play games on this site 3 years ago so maybe it was after that. I should probably have an email about it somewhere but it’s also possible it’s on an old PC that is going to be difficult to resurrect.

This is relevant. I’ll come back to it.

This morning I thought I’d give Runescape another look – partly because it had come up in conversation in my guild chat last night and partly because of an article published over at Massively the other day. And hey, it’s slow at work at the moment and it might pass the time during my lunch break.

Before I could play, however, there was the little matter of logging in.
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