Weekend LotRO

I decided to play a bit of LotRO over the weekend. If you have also sat out the last year, good news: you can catch up on all the new content for existing characters in a week or maybe a hardcore weekend. Most of the big additions to LotRO have been redecorating lower-level areas and adding the cash shop.

I joined a group for the Water-wheels works, having missed that dungeon while on a previous break. There are two boss fights. The first boss reset five times. After the first couple, we all ran on top of the spawning point to fight; the next two resets involved the boss running past us until it reset. We eventually ran past the boss and kept him on the far side of the area. The end boss respawned immediately after we defeated him, so we never got a chance to open the chests and get our reward. It’s good to know that, while they may be slow about introducing new content, they at least are equally slow about fixing bugs in old content.

: Zubon