More Action Tower Defense

While I’m waiting for the wild pendulum swings of post-release re-balancing to slow down in Dungeon Defenders, a FPS/tower defense game is the free promo of the weekend on Steam: Sanctum. Having gone through a first map, it feels a lot like Defense Grid with a hero unit. That hero unit makes a lot of […]

My Little Pony Tower Defense

The challenge game of the week at Kongregate is a tower defense game with a backstory about galactic conflict, war, billions dead, yaddah yah. At some point, you realize that the waves of purple stuff are the Smooze from My Little Pony: The Movie, which kind of gives the entire game a different feeling. I […]

Reader Critique Requested: Toytown Tower Defense

Having noticed that our readers include a great many fans of tower defense games, the maker of Toytown Tower Defense asked for feedback on why his game might not have been well received. Or let’s put that in less polite terms: it is rated just below 3.5 on Kongregate, when some real garbage clears 4. […]

Flash Variations on a Theme: Tower Defense

Consider as a case study three variations on the same type of game: Desktop TD Pro Gemcraft Chapter 0 Protector III Each has that familiar gameplay that you know I love: building defenses that blow up armies of mindlessly marching monsters. Each has taken it in a rather different direction. (Each is far longer than […]

Windborne Interview with Michael Austin

I snagged some of Michael Austin’s time in the middle of a crazy, crazy week to discuss Windborne. He is the Chief Technology Officer of Hidden Path Entertainment as well as the lead designer / project owner for Windborne. On the Hidden Path forums he is known as Echo. Hidden Path’s site heralds Austin as […]

Quick Review: Go Home Dinosaurs

Cute, simple tower defense themed around rodents protecting a barbeque from dinosaurs. I cannot speculate on why herbivores are holding a barbeque or why they killed cows. The game crashed five times in the first hour of play. Honestly, you could end a review there. Gameplay is made exceedingly simple by the low number of […]

Prime Grind

Continuing further in Prime World: Defenders has answered some questions. Yes, the rarer towers are unambiguously better than the basic ones. Early on, my mostly upgraded wooden tower was boring but practical. As a great lover of DoTs, my fully upgraded poison tower is awesome yet practical, but the better towers are generally of the […]

Prime World: Defenders

I am about half-way through the campaign of Prime World: Defenders. It is tower defense with collectible card game elements, which sounds like a game designed for me. Tycho at Penny Arcade has similar gaming tastes, so his recommendation convinced me to pre-order before a really good sale. And hey, pre-ordering gives you a little […]

Quick Review: Shad’O

Tower defense themed around light and dark, memory and forgetting. Somewhat interesting, but not undeserving of its 68/100 metacritic score. Shad’O makes heavy use of a fog of war mechanic. Most of the map is covered except for a few points of light. Building towers extends the light. At the start of a level, you […]

Further Match-3: Tower of Elements

Following up on Sunday’s post, our old friends at Frogdice wanted to mention that they also have a fantasy-themed match-3 game called Tower of Elements. It is a tower defense game, a genre of which I am a fan. I have played the demo but am not tempting myself with a new tower defense game […]