Reader Critique Requested: Toytown Tower Defense

Having noticed that our readers include a great many fans of tower defense games, the maker of Toytown Tower Defense asked for feedback on why his game might not have been well received. Or let’s put that in less polite terms: it is rated just below 3.5 on Kongregate, when some real garbage clears 4. … Continue reading Reader Critique Requested: Toytown Tower Defense

Flash Variations on a Theme: Tower Defense

Consider as a case study three variations on the same type of game: Desktop TD Pro Gemcraft Chapter 0 Protector III Each has that familiar gameplay that you know I love: building defenses that blow up armies of mindlessly marching monsters. Each has taken it in a rather different direction. (Each is far longer than … Continue reading Flash Variations on a Theme: Tower Defense

Prime Grind

Continuing further in Prime World: Defenders has answered some questions. Yes, the rarer towers are unambiguously better than the basic ones. Early on, my mostly upgraded wooden tower was boring but practical. As a great lover of DoTs, my fully upgraded poison tower is awesome yet practical, but the better towers are generally of the … Continue reading Prime Grind

Quick Review: Shad’O

Tower defense themed around light and dark, memory and forgetting. Somewhat interesting, but not undeserving of its 68/100 metacritic score. Shad’O makes heavy use of a fog of war mechanic. Most of the map is covered except for a few points of light. Building towers extends the light. At the start of a level, you … Continue reading Quick Review: Shad’O