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While I’m waiting for the wild pendulum swings of post-release re-balancing to slow down in Dungeon Defenders, a FPS/tower defense game is the free promo of the weekend on Steam: Sanctum. Having gone through a first map, it feels a lot like Defense Grid with a hero unit. That hero unit makes a lot of difference when you are sniping down bosses and tanks. There is also an elegant mobility mechanic, a teleportation/elevator tower, and you can pick any of them just by hitting tab. Where Dungeon Defenders gives you maps with large numbers in a few waves, Sanctum goes for 20 waves on the first map, and it took me about 45 minutes (including placing turrets, figuring out buttons, etc.).

With the weekend sale, the game is $5, or $15 for a 4-pack, or $11 for the game plus all DLC to-date, so it’s more a question of whether it is worth the time than the money to play. The comments are open for building our collective review.

: Zubon

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4 thoughts on “More Action Tower Defense”

  1. I got this game as part of the IndieRoyale sale a while ago, and was pretty hardcore hooked on it through the non-DLC maps (only weapon DLC was a part of that deal). Having completed each map though, I am not really sure if I would ever play it again. There is the multiplayer co-op which I tried once, but the beginning waves gave us a false sense of security which was utterly crushed later on. Nothing quite as demoralizing as spending 30+ minutes and then getting a full Game Over knowing that we wouldn’t have enough time for a 2nd full match.

    My current Steam clock says 11 hours spent though, so even for $11 that is not bad for what is technically (I think?) an indie game.

    1. Come to think of it, I never had the urge to go back to Defense Grid maps except for the different modes/challenges, as opposed to games where I will merrily repeat the content.

  2. It is a fun title, but I share some feelings with Azuriel. I never felt too compelled to play the game after beating the maps included with the game. I never felt the urge to play the multiplayer either. Having a random mess with my maze doesn’t seem ideal. Though it would be fun with some actual friends.

    Anyone else find it odd that they’re selling new towers as DLC? The game was lacking towers to start with, kinda unsettling.

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