Defining “Nerf”

I had asked whether some scale of ability/character reduction was required before you called something a “nerf.” I think this qualifies:

Balancing Changes:

  • Nerfed Spooktacular “Van Wolfstein” weapon about 40%, and Huntress Ability ‘Piercing Shot’ about 30%
  • Nerfed Bowling Ball & Harpoon Turrets a bit more: bowling ball & harpoon damages reduced by about 33%, attack rate reduced by about 25%, bowling ball projectiles now limited to 6 hits before breaking, harpoon projectiles now limited to 12 hits before breaking.

Crap, and my level 70 is a Squire who focuses on Bowling Ball Turrets. Let’s see 2/3*3/4=1/2, so Squires just took a 50% hit to ranged damage, plus a reduction in the number of targets (meaningless at low difficulties and on early waves, huge in the endgame). Ouch.

: Zubon

Update: there is a partial rollback planned/in-progress. I’m still feeling a palpable lack of trust and “why bother logging on?” After someone trips you, even if you had it coming, you hesitate when he offers to help you up.

8 thoughts on “Defining “Nerf””

  1. After an OP Bob Gibson posted a modern-era record of a 1.12 ERA in 1968, Major League Baseball nerfed the pitcher’s mound by 33%.

  2. The more I play, the more I realize DD is trash in so many ways, and this is one of them. The squire, as everyone knew from the moment they hit lvl 15, was stupid OP in every way. Not “oh just kinda better”, but “if you are placing anything but squire towers you are doing it wrong” OP. So OP, that they have been nerfed 50%. How do you release a game that has something that needs nerfing 50% without it being exploited?

    Oh and the first version of the bonus map on insane was great fun too. Nothing like repairing squire towers for 90 minutes. Totally fun and certainly not the reason I turned down my buddies last night, instead opting to pick up parts in a dozen stations in EVE over playing DD.

    1. While squires might be OP, you could just not play with it. I understand some may have rolled one and are tired of being OP, but the option is still there.

      I recently played a map on hard with 4 monks and it was quite interesting. Two of us were ranged, the other 2 were melee. Things were a bit tight at some points in later waves, but we pulled it off. Going to try some other odd class combos with my friend.

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