City of Heroes – 3rd Time The Charm?

I logged back into City of Heroes last night, hoping to meet up with a good friend of mine, whom I’ve been running into in various MMORPGs for what now seems forever. He’s been playing CoH since just about the time I quit (for the second time).

I sat there looking at the character creation screen. What to do? Normally, my instincts lead me to try to find a solid class that can hold it’s own while soloing. That often leaves me playing a class I wouldn’t have normally picked just based on what appeals to me. So instead I asked myself, “Self, what appeals to you here? What looks fun?” Well, being a super hero type game, I wanted to look and fight like a super hero. That rules out one of the better solo classes I had read about, the Scrapper. Basically, a Scrapper is a front line melee fighter. There are some options for variety, like a Katana or Martial Arts, but they all seemed like rather typical fighting classes to me. The only one I’d still consider is the Spines Scrapper. He has venomous spines all over his body to hit people with. At least that seems different enough to try.

I decided to choose something with a little variety, even though I have now been given early warnings that it is not possibly a very good solo class. I chose to go with a Defender, using Radiation Emission as my primary skillset and Dark Blast as my secondary skillset. So far it has been fun, if not way to early to comment on it. I am able to laydown a radiation field which has some debuffs (-accuracy -defense). This field is area of effect (AoE) so it hits everyone nearby my main target. Then, I blast away with my Dark attacks which also have accuracy debuffs.

Honestly, this has been my best character build yet. I’m breezing through missions, taking on 4 bad guys at once. I’m not sure how it will go in the future, but thanks to some help from my friend, I’ll give it a shot. If it gets ugly, I’ll switch to something else.

If it *is* going to get ugly, I hope it does so soon because I’m sick of starting over. It has become a chronic disease with me. My 2nd choice at this time is some sort of Blaster, as they have that whole super hero look going on hard core.

Yarrr, I be havin’ problems updating this blog, matey. I fear me sails have been shot full o’holes.

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